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Why isn’t Nick (Loverboy) an Alpha male??

The past few weeks I have gotten this question more than once and now I want to answer it. You see, there is a very good reason why Nick is NOT an Alpha male. Charlie, as soon as the book has started and it’s no spoilers to say that she has truly been through hell. She has been beaten, raped, and tortured for days. Loverboy’s message is very special to me so I wanted to make sure all of this was done right. I spoke with more than twenty police officers, detectives, the grunts, the high ranks, you name it. I researched special tactics that police would use in order to catch a killer. I even went as far as sending a few chapters to detectives to read over and nit pick. Believe me when I say I wanted it done right. So, why didn’t I make Nick a true Alpha male? Well going back to my previous statement that Charlie has been through hell. You find that out by simply reading the blurb on the back. Charlie is a survivor, but mentally she is very delicate. Nick, having experience with a rape survivor knows this well. He understands her mentality and how she is thinking right now. While you see Nick stand up to his peers, he would never go full force Alpha in front of Charlie because being someone close to her, and showing her that he can dominate could very well hinder her progress. When you have someone who is in a delicate situation, especially one like Charlie’s, you must proceed with caution. While I had plenty of help from police departments, Charlie’s emotions are very much mine. If you read the dedication you will find out that I know how it feels because…well…I was there. In that dark place, wanting to shut down, and hide. An Alpha male in that situation can be very frightening and make you uneasy. So…why isn’t Nick a bad ass Alpha male? Because he knows that a such a dominating personality could really hinder Charlie and his main priority is making things easy for her. See…I do have reasons for everything. 😉