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All in order now

The blog is officially all in order. I’ve got to linked to the few places I was getting it synced with, all the updates have been made and my publisher is working on syncing this blog to the publisher ran website.

The publisher is also working on the Kindle edition of Darkness Falls: Hunted. It’s currently under design, so hopefully not too much longer on that. As for a Nookbook, we’re waiting to see, but we’re hoping we have that eVersion too.

What Lies Inside does have a CreateSpace listing, but we’re working on getting the Amazon listing all set up. It started the creation process just yesterday so I hope to have it up and running soon. I know a lot of you are Amazon shoppers, so sorry for any inconvenience.

I’ve been working on the Darkness Falls series, just a few minor changes here and there. I’ve also been working on my newest series, Blood Moon. Though I can’t share any details just yet, I know this will be a follow up to the Darkness Falls series. Or at least, I would like it to be. I can tell you it will not be about vampires, but it will definitely fit into the fantasy genre.

Remember for any questions you may have for me, don’t hesitate to click the contact button above and use the email provided. Check out the Facebook pages for brand new updates as they come in. Until then, very happy reading everyone!



Ah…September (Book I)

Ah, it is officially September. Which means my ETA for the final layout is only weeks away. 15 September I will receive a copy of the final layout for approval. Once I give the ok Darkness Falls: Hunted goes to print. Which means Book I is that much closer to being in stores, on shelves, and on the Kindle and Nook.

All the feedback has been truly amazing. Thank you all for the amazing compliments! Some, if I may point out are left as comments on posts. Some hae been emailed. Some have been on my Twitter. Either way, I want you all to know how much I do appreciate it. Thank you so much for giving an unknown author a chance. And, not only that, an unknown author whose book hasn’t hit stores just yet. Thank you again! 🙂

Book II welcomes…

Book II will bring new faces. A handsome face at that.

In Book II (Darkness Falls: Bad Things) I’m introducing Cooper Jackson. Cooper is tall, dark and handsome with a nerdy, funloving side. He’s presistant and stubborn. He’s just enough to get under Randi’s skin and also become the close friend that she needs.  But, will Cooper lead her down a path that she doesn’t belong?

I shouldn’t…but I will (Darkness Falls: Bad Things)

Butler County Courthouse, Hamilton, Ohio

Image by J. Stephen Conn via Flickr

With darkness Falls: Hunted still in the pblishing process I shouldn’t begin to think about Book II. But, I lack patience for anything…so here’s a little peek at what Randi gets herself into next…


Population of Astoria, Oregon, roughly 10,000 people. Population of Hamilton, Ohio, roughly 70,000 people. I had no idea what I was doing or what I had done. All I knew was that I had just drove over 2,500 miles to follow Xavier to a place called Hamilton, Ohio. I had no clue what kind of city it was. I only knew that to me, it was huge.

Mapping out the Darkness Falls series

Book I Darkness Falls: Hunted – From Randi’s point of view. The first book in the series. (Currently in the publishing process.)

Book II Darkness Falls: Bad Things – From Randi’s point of view. She sets off on a new adventure. Finding out something that causes her to make, what could be, the biggest mistake of her life.

Book III Darkness Falls: Secrets and Lies – Again from Randi’s point of view. She tries to patch up the mistakes in her life. But, another secret could stand in her way.

Book IV Darkness Falls: (Subtitle undetermined) – Xavier’s point of view. You really meet Xavier, get to know him as he tries to fix the biggest mistake of his life.

Book V Darkness Falls: (Subtitle undetermined) – Xavier’s point of view. Not only fighting for his own survival, but fighting for the protection of Randi. But, could it be, there’s something he hasn’t been completely truthful with?

Book VI Darkness Falls: (Subtitle undetermined) – Again from Xavier’s point of view. See the end of it all from Xavier’s eyes as he and Randi fight the biggest fight of them all.

Let me take you off the beaten path

I’ll answer two simple questions that many are asking…

Is the Darkness Falls series about vampires?


Is it like Twilight?


Besides I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I created vampires that glitter.

Jokes aside, the Darkness Falls series is not like Twilight. I’ve created these vampires, as you can see from many of the tiny parts posted to be ruthless and careless. Yes, I’ve thrown a little love into the mix, but once you get into the series you see it’s no Edward and Bella love. So go on, have a little look at those sneak peeks. They won’t bite. Happy reading!

Who’s that girl?

Adapted from Wikipedia's OH county maps by Catbar.

Image via Wikipedia

Who exactly am I?

To answer that question, I am Trista Jaszczak. Jazz for short, otherwise, it’s pronounced, Jazz-ick. (Easier said that it looks.) I am 26 years-old, living in North Dakota. I am from Hamilton, Ohio, but I do call home where ever the Air Force sends our family. That said, I am an Air Force wife.

I started writing when I was much younger. I had no idea at the time that my great love for writing would become one of my greatest passions. I had no idea that a simple idea for a high school story would ever be taken this far. My mind had always ran wild with ideas that I love seeing on paper. I’d scribble them anywhere I could; including napkins, post it notes, anywhere I could to store it for later. If you’ve poked around this blog you’ll know that the 6 book Darkness Falls series is not my only writing adventure. I’ve been trying my hand at romance, thrillers, any little thought my mind can come up with.

I also take great care in creating each of my characters. I make them each special. Each different. From Randi and Xavier in the Darkness Falls series. To River and Ally in Deliciously Wicked. You will never see two of the same characters from me. I also take no ideas from anyone. My writing is all my own.

It has been asked before, but I currently do not have a pen name. Anything written by me will have my full name. Either Trista Jaszczak or Trista L. Jaszczak. Though to answer another question, I will probably never write under a pen name.

I am loving the fact that more and more questions are coming in. As I’ve said before, never hesitate to contact me. I’ll make sure you get the answers you want.

Until next time, happy reading!

You will either love it or hate it

This is a fact I came to realize a while back is that you will either love my writing or you will hate it. Not both. Not a mix of the two. One or the other. The books have received a lot of positive and wonderful feedback that I will be grateful for the rest of my life. 

The past few weeks I have received quite a few questions that I am hell-bent on answering right now.

Yes, I realize that the books are about vampires. Vampires. Something that has been a little over done lately. I understand that the Twilight series has seemingly destroyed the concept of vampires lately. I mean…vampires that sparkle? It’s just not right.

When I began my series I had no idea at the time that Twilight would be out. How could I have had any idea? I took an idea and ran with it. It is my goal to bring vampires back to what they were before. I created mine to be scary, because I wanted them that way. They most certainly do not sparkle, they are heinous and uncaring in my books. They are ruthless, blood-thirsty killers.

I’m not claiming to be Stephen King by any means. My writing is my own. I have not copied my ideas from any one. I only took vampires and made them what I think they should be. I mixed in different elements into my plot. A little love, dark secrets, horrible lies, huge mistakes. I think the Darkness Falls series can stand out a little. If anything, I will take great pleasure in the fact that my vampires are not glittery in the sun.

I hope this opens eyes a little more. I hope it makes the series sound like it’s going off the Twilight path, because it is. Until then, happy reading!

Speak Peek: Part Trois

I tugged at his hand. Fighting, kicking, and squirming. Trying anything I could to free myself. Suddenly, he smiled. I watched as two fangs dropped from his mouth. I screamed and fought harder to free myself from his hands. My tennis shoes slipped on the wet pavement. My body moved smoothly over the truck, making it more difficult to break free. He yanked me forward and slammed me against the truck. I heard the back of my head make a cracking noise against the window.

When Darkness Falls in 2010, you will be Hunted

The book now has a tag line! A little cheesy but still has me excited! I can’t wait. Not that much longer. They had to push back the date for my proof to the 27th. Still not much longer but I hate waiting. They’re trying to match dates with the cover art. I don’t care if the proofs are sent at the same time, I just want them! 🙂

On another note, lots more ideas are floating around in this head of mine. Hope to see more and more on the computer screen in front of me. When that happens, I’ll sure post little blurps.

Until then, happy reading!