I have too many book boyfriends….

Now that I have your attention… 😉

First, let me begin with, you can NEVER have too many book boyfriends.

Second, I have updates.

As as all know, due to unforeseen circumstances last year I switched publishers and while that has been a slow process, it’s going very well. Loverboy has been relaunched and it’s proved to be a bigger success than I ever imagined! It saw 3000 on Amazon sales rank. While it’s not a best seller, that number is nothing to sneeze at. 

The Believe series has taken an amazing turn! Both Little Red and The Shoe will be relaunching later this year and Scarred will make it’s grand debut! But…there’s a trick to my little Believe series. It’s keeping secrets. It has gone…18+! While I wouldn’t call it erotica, I certainly wouldn’t want anyone under the age of 18 reading….a lot of questions would probably follow 😉 The Believe boys have gotten badder, stronger, tattooed…and a whole lot sexier! While the Believe women have gotten stronger, sassier, and wilder! Needless to say I am super excited to release this series. And just wait until you get a peek at the cover model for Scarred! Your panties will drop so fast they’ll be half way to China! 😉 

Happy reading!


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