Exciting news!

As I dive into life living in the great, beautiful wilderness called Alaska, I have found that staring into these breath-taking mountains, tall and endless trees, and being somewhat trapped by snow has proved to be quite the inspiration. Not only I am excited to announce the birth of my BRAND NEW series, the Believe series, but I’m thrilled to say that Little Red, the first installment of the Believe series, will be published by Front Porch Romance!

Wait a moment…I should back up. Believe series?? What…you thought my months of only updating the Facebook page that I was just ignoring the blog? Truth is, I’ve been hard at work writing. 6 books to be exact. Once I started, I just couldn’t stop. Now, on to the Believe series…it’s my take on fairy tales. Each of them special to me in some way, I took classic tales I loved and turned them into real life, modern romances. Little Red, the first installment, is the twist on Little Red Riding Hood. The Shoe is for Cinderella. Who’s the Fairest? is Snow White, of course. Only Sleeping is Sleeping Beauty. I have two others that currently will have titles announced shortly. 

See, I told you when I disappear it’s for good reason. I hope to find you all well. Happy reading my loves! 


One response to “Exciting news!

  1. So excited for you, Trista, and waiting to read Little Red.

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