Because I’m traveling – A Treat – Loverboy

It’s the loud bang on the door that finally catches my attention. I let my eyes open and see that the TV and Blu Ray player have both been turned off. The light above the stove has been turned on for a little light to see. Nick is off the couch but the running water in the bathroom tells me exactly where he is. The knocking happens again and without thinking I pull myself sleepily from the couch to unlock the door and open it. I’m greeted with such a force that I’m blown to the ground. I feel the back of my head and elbows hit the hardwood in such a way that it stuns me more than hurts. I shake myself from the shock and sleep as realize that there is a man on top of me. I stare up and realize he’s wearing a black ski mask. He grins through the hole around the mouth. I open my mouth to let out a scream and before I can his hand clamps on it hard. Immediately I begin to cry, wiggle, fight and squirm. His hand comes down and meets my face hard and I let out such a loud whimper it can be heard through my entire apartment. I hear the bathroom door fly back and footsteps dropping heavy on the floor as they become closer. I hear one loud click and I know Nick is ready. I feel the man climb off of me and I gasp for air as I try to crawl back on the floor.

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