Lover Boy – snippet

I didn’t quite expect to see Charlotte Murphy in such a bad state. After what she had just been through, she was very lucky to even be alive. But, the cuts, bruises and swelling were a heart wrenching shock to see. I still hadn’t spoke more than ten words to her. Not after I had burst into her room last night just before she fell to sleep again. And, even I had, her memory was still incredibly fuzzy, more than likely from the amount of drugs and suffering her attacker had put her through. Up until now, she had no idea just what she’d lived through. She’d survived a brutal attack from one of the city’s most notorious serial killers. There had been five other victims. All just as beautiful and as talented as she. But, sadly, all five had lost their lives. Women in the city were dropping like flies and we as police had no idea where to even begin as the killer left nothing, not one trace of evidence behind.
I let my feet kick out in front of me as I push my uncomfortable chair back onto it’s hind two legs. I ran my hands up my face and through my hair. I hadn’t slept no more than a few hours. Just a short snooze here and there. It was too difficult when I have a job to do. Charlotte was the killer’s only survivor. We were sure he’d target her again to finish his business. That’s how I come in. To make sure that doesn’t happen. Right now, the worst thing in the world that we could do to her, would be to leave her alone.
I throw my neck from one side to the other, making it crack loudly. Waiting was the hard part. Once she woke up, I was supposed to introduce myself and ask her a few questions. Give her the run down about how she would have 24-hour police protection. But, until she woke up, here I would sit, in the most uncomfortable chair I have ever sat in before, and wait. As luck would have it, I wouldn’t have to wait long. I didn’t know which was worse, waiting or having to make the poor girl remember what she could from her attack.

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