Technology just had it our for me

On top of being without internet for over 5 months, you would think things would go rather smoothly once I got things up and running again. Not quite. No sooner than I had internet my computer crashed. And, luckily I had just backed up all my manuscripts. I would be completely beside myself had I lost finished manuscripts. 

Lover Boy is currently off and being edited. I’m sending them through a few more extensive rounds since I have been unhappy with editing in the past. I’m hoping to take care of all those tiny little issues that somehow managed to sneak through the cracks. That said, I would love to have Lover Boy out sometime in the New Year. We shall see how things go. 

Now that I have not only internet, but a working computer, things should be more on track. NOW posts should really come more frequently and I can get to work on posting all those wonderful reviews that had been emailed throughout the summer. Happy reading!


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