And, I have found my way back to the internet

After nearly 5 months in Ohio and living so far out in the sticks internet just wasn’t a possibility…I FINALLY have internet again. Updates will return as normal on both the blog, Facebook fan page and Twitter. I have tons of emails, questions and reviews to sort through as well. And, I thank each of you who sent in those reviews deeply. I never expected to receive so many wonderful reviews. Thank you all.

On another note I’m hard at work, having completed 2, yes 2 more additions to my manuscripts as well as working on DF: the Thirst. To make things a little more interesting November marked the start of NaNoWriMo, which I’m fully committed to this year. I’m in over 30,000 words and still chugging along. For more information on NaNo, please check out  If you’re already participating in 30 days and nights of literary abandon, please join me, JazzyWriter.

I may take a while, digging into so many great emails, but rest assured, I will get to them. Please keep them coming 🙂 Happy reading!


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