How did we ever live without internet?

I honestly have no idea. Being back in Hamilton, Ohio, though wonderful and I missed home, but it’s difficult without internet. I’m finding myself using local places with Wi-Fi. So, I am in fact a Wi-Fi stealer just to write this post. I am still working on the Thirst. It’s coming along exactly how I want it to. It’s just getting it together in time for a quick release.

For the reviews to be posted, I have received SO many (which is SO awesome and I thank you all!!) I’m still reading through and deciding which ones to post. I have a handful selected currently, and I’m thinking a few more may do. I truly wish I could post them all as they are all great.

And, if you’re still searching for a copy of Darkness Falls: Hunted, I may have some great news for all you local folks. It looks like I will be participating in Hamilton’s Bookfest. Once I have more information and everything set in stone, I’ll post more information for you.

For now, it’s back to work. And, I promise, it will be a lot sooner for my next post. I just got so caught up with writing and having no internet access living in the middle of nowhere, I’ve been a bad blogger and have been ignoring the blog.


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