The one question everyone wants the answer to

When will Darkness Falls: the Thirst be out?

I really do wish I could give you an exact date. Unfortunately these things do take time and we are working hard to get the second book set and ready for print. Right now fall of this year could be possible. In the meantime, I may very well post a small sneak peek. Something tiny, just enough to get your blood boiling.

Not only am I working on DF: the Thirst, but I’m also working on a few other titles. Mistaken, Blood Moon, and Sold just to name a few.  It’s certainly enough to keep me busy!

My posts have been far and few between on here, simply because I’ve been busy. I’m looking at 6 months away from No. Dakota and who knows, maybe in that time I’ll have some fresh new ideas started! Now that I’m in a place with decent internet, I’ll be able to post freely. Happy reading until then!


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