What I have been working so hard on – Why I’ve been missing

Mistaken is the newest idea that I’ve added to my collection. Thanks to a few lovely people who became my living inspirations. Enjoy the snippet. 🙂 Soon, I’ll have another post to answer all the questions from the email.

* * * * * *

I can feel the tears that are rolling down my cheeks and soaking my face, neck and shirt. I look up and see that it’s taking two of the largest men in the room to apprehend Chris. He has one muscle clad man latched onto both of his arms. He takes another blow to his stomach and I cringe looking away. I can feel the ropes on my hands behind me are being tightened again to ensure that I won’t escape this time. I hear Chris let out another grunt and I begin to cry harder.
    “Andi, Andi, Andi,” I can hear the ring leader’s voice in my ear, “it’s time to tell me,” he says, “where the fuck is my money?”
    I cry, “I don’t have your money, I don’t know what you’re taking about.” I whimper, “this is all a mistake.”
    “She’s telling the truth!” I hear Chris groan.
    I look up just in time to see him take another blow to his lower stomach, “Chris!” I yell. A hand meets my face as forcefully. I feel something hard and sharp brush against my eye.
    “Leave her alone!” Chris yells, “she doesn’t have your money. Just,” he pauses. “Just don’t hurt her.”
    “Well, well,” I hear the ring leader laugh, “seems as though someone has gotten a soft spot for the beautiful Andrea Gates.” He latches onto my hair and pulls my head back. “She is quite stunning. Hard to believe she had it in her to take over five million dollars.”
    “I didn’t take your fucking money!” I yell.
    “She didn’t do it, Mack.” Chris says, again.
    Wait. Mack? Chris knows his name?
    “You, Jensen were the one who fucked up,” Mack yells, “you let your dick get in the way of your rational thought.”
    I sniffle, “Chris?” I look at him with tear filled eyes. It suddenly becomes more clear. “You were in on it.” I say, “Oh my God, you were in on it.”
    “Andi, please,” he begs, “it’s not what you think. Not at all, give me a chance to explain.”
    The two men on each of his sides begin to laugh. I suddenly hear one swift click and feel that my hair is being yanked, tilting my head back. I see a shiny gleam of something out of the corner of my eye.
    I hear Chris struggle, “no! Don’t hurt her.”
    I realize that the shiny object is a knife and it’s now being pushed up against my throat. I let out a low cry as my body begins to shake, “Chris.”
    “Do you really think he’s going to help you?” I hear Mack hiss. “Do you really think he was helping you all this time?”
    My sobs increase and I fell a blow come to my lower stomach. The power from the hit makes me lunge forward just enough to feel the sharp blade against my skin.
    “Andi, don’t listen to him baby!” I hear Chris yell, “it’s not true, none of it.”
    “Baby,” I hear Mack, “she’s baby now. How about that.” Mack’s eyes look into mine, “you’re his baby now. Did you know that?”
    I can’t even respond. I cry. Hard. My cries become heavy, deeper and stronger as I struggle now to catch my breath.
    “Aw, what’s the matter Andrea?” Mack asks. “Suddenly dawn on you that Chris works for me?” He laughs.
    “Leave her alone, Mack,” Chris grunts, “she didn’t do anything to you.”
    Mack shoves his face into mine. I can smell a nasty mix of sweat, alcohol and bad breath. “Is that true?” He asks, “you don’t have my money?”
    I give my head a show shake, “I have a hundred dollars to my name since I paid rent.” I sob.
    “Why can’t I believe you?” Mack asks.
    “It’s true!” I cry.
    “Mack, let her go,” Chris calls, “don’t hurt her.”
    “Oh, you mean, don’t do this.” Mack says.
    Do this. Do what?
    I feel a stabbing pain course through the top of my shoulder. I cry out in pain and see a red stain beginning to saturate my shirt. I hear Chris yell and Mack laugh. I look again at my shoulder. He stabbed me. The pain makes my arm feel heavy and with my hands bound behind my back, it makes the pain worse.


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