Kindle version and a few updates

We’re still working on getting that Kindle version up and for sale. It’s just taking longer than I expected to get everything formatted and ready to go. It’s a much longer process than even I anticipated and I do apologize.

Winners for the Love Fantasy contest, you should hopefully receive your goodies soon. Please let me know when you do. 🙂

I’m still working on my newest ideas as well as two brand new additions. Seems like over the past few weeks my mind hasn’t stopped running. These two newest projects are currently untitled, but I can say one is a romance and the only way I know how to categorize the second is by saying it’s a fantasy/thriller. It’s definitely something new to me and will have me writing in a whole different way. Which, of course, may take a bit more time. And, don’t worry, I’m still hard at work fine tuning the Darkness Falls series as well.

If I  go MIA again, you at least know I’m hard at work. Happy reading!

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