To my winners!

A huge congrats to all my winners! You took the time over two weeks to seek the answers to all those scavenger hunt questions. Which I thought, were all difficult! Thank you so much for participating. I hope you all enjoy the prizes.

And for each and every one of you who participated – THANK YOU! You took part in my first ever, giveaway. Thank you for all your time in searching for those answers. Happy readying!

My winners:

Signed poster – Gemma, and it’s going all the way to New Zealand!

Signed books (3) – Natasha, from South Australia. Ana, and this book is going all the way to Guatemala. Jennifer, from on the much warmer than my weather, east coast in West Virginia.

Signed postcards  –  Catherine, who’s having this card travel to the UK. Karen, from Essex. Chloe-Nicole and this one is heading out to West Midlands. Sheila, out in sunny California. And, finally, Lorena who is in Colombia.

Those who haven’t replied, have no fear, your name will get on this official list. I’m so excited to be shipping the signed goodies ALL over! I’m sure all of you have a whole lot warmer weather than I have right now, haha. Enjoy your prizes and thank you! Happy reading!

One response to “To my winners!

  1. Ana Lucía Arroyave

    yay!! Thank you thank you, I’m so excited to read your book. 🙂

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