Updates and fun things

Kindle users, the Darkness Falls: Hunted eBook is nearly finished. They’re getting the layout ready and working on the cover art for the beginning. I know the waiting is awful, but the process of the Kindle version got a later than expected start.

I’m starting my hand on some brand new titles right now.

Blood Moon

Young Bloods


Believe it or not all of them came from three separate dreams. And, Young Bloods in particular I’m using a male actor as my inspiration for the lead role. Who knows, if it ever becomes a movie, maybe he will get to play that part.

Remember, What Lies Inside is out for purchase. You can order it right from Amazon, I know a few of you had emailed me wondering.

On another note. Though I never said I would do it. I am having a friend of mine do official photos. Many have emailed asking just what I look like and finally I’ll have a few good photos that are in fact, post worthy.

If I do go MIA for a bit, it’s only because I am writing more since I’m not only finishing up Darkness Falls: The Thirst, but also working on three brand new projects.

Before I continue to ramble on, I’ll cut this short. Happy reading! Hope to see you at my book signings!


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