My Valentine’s gift to you

Now that the first interview is finished and I’ve finally let lose on one of the biggest secrets of the books, I can finally go into a little bit of detail. First off, no, I am not introducing werewolves into the Darkness Falls series. I couldn’t do that since so many vampire stories today seem to always bring in the wolves. I wanted to do something different. And, I think I have. Instead of werewolves, I’ve created two breed of vampires. Daywalkers. And, Nocturnals. Daywalkers can live in the sunlight. It doesn’t have a great affect on them other than it makes their eyes a little sensitive. Nocturnals will perish in the sun, first weakening them dramatically, then dying. With two different breeds, I think the biggest question is, how do they get along? Now that is something you will have to wait on the second book for. 🙂 Happy reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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