All in order now

The blog is officially all in order. I’ve got to linked to the few places I was getting it synced with, all the updates have been made and my publisher is working on syncing this blog to the publisher ran website.

The publisher is also working on the Kindle edition of Darkness Falls: Hunted. It’s currently under design, so hopefully not too much longer on that. As for a Nookbook, we’re waiting to see, but we’re hoping we have that eVersion too.

What Lies Inside does have a CreateSpace listing, but we’re working on getting the Amazon listing all set up. It started the creation process just yesterday so I hope to have it up and running soon. I know a lot of you are Amazon shoppers, so sorry for any inconvenience.

I’ve been working on the Darkness Falls series, just a few minor changes here and there. I’ve also been working on my newest series, Blood Moon. Though I can’t share any details just yet, I know this will be a follow up to the Darkness Falls series. Or at least, I would like it to be. I can tell you it will not be about vampires, but it will definitely fit into the fantasy genre.

Remember for any questions you may have for me, don’t hesitate to click the contact button above and use the email provided. Check out the Facebook pages for brand new updates as they come in. Until then, very happy reading everyone!


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