Questions from the email!

1. You seem to be doing really well for yourself. If sales continue to go up and your name gets bigger, can we expect to still see you handling these small details?

Of course. Why would I hand that over to someone else? The only person who knows me better is me. I enjoy doing this.

2. When can we expect book number two?

Once we really see how Book I is doing, then we’ll see if Book II will get to be released. It all depends on sales. Look at it this way – if the first book flops, what publishing company wants to take a chance and publish the second book?

3. You have a signing in Grand Forks, will there be more?

Yes. I’m getting some set up in my hometown of Hamilton, Ohio as we speak. And, I hope there are many more after that!

4. Do you see a movie in the future?

It would be amazing to see the Darkness Falls series light up the big screen. But, for that we’ll just have to wait and see.

5. I want a movie for this – how do we get it?

Your guess is honestly as good as mine. Maybe a petition to a movie production company? Send the idea over to them? I honestly don’t know. But, thank you!

6. You definitely seem to like the “look over your shoulder” factor rather than the “boo” factor, why?

I think having to look over your shoulder is far scarier than something just jumping out and saying boo.

7. Your book has a lot more blood, gore, sex and suspense in it than I thought. Do you still think it could fall in a teen category?

While I’ve said that anyone under the age of 16, really shouldn’t read it without parent screening first, I’m sure there are some who have. I wrote this book for the adult side of things, though now that it’s been released a while, I see more and more teens reading it. There are far worse things they could be reading and I’m sure the much younger ones are getting screened by parents.

8. I’m a man and I LOVE the book. I’ve found I’ve really connected with the characters. I’m not usually a reader, but I had a friend tell me to pick it up, so I did. Did you write it for the male market?

I wrote it for anyone who loves to read. Male or female. I’m so glad that you liked the book, thank you so much!

9. Tell me now, are you killing the cat?

Haha, I’ve been asked this before. That you will just have to wait and see. Many things I won’t reveal.

As always, send your questions to I do my best to answer them in a timely manner and as you can see I never post personal information. Happy reading!

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