More questions from the email

1. You have some pretty good reviews on Barnes and Noble ranging from 4 and 5 stars, how does that make you feel right now?

Great! As a writer, you want to write something people enjoy. I’m grateful to see so many incredible reviews.

2. How are you handling the bad reviews?

Not at all. I over look them and I don’t take them to heart. People will either like the book or not.

3. Do you think the bad reviews are bad publicity?

The only publicity that’s bad, is no publicity at all. šŸ™‚

4. What’s your favorite character out of Darkness Falls: Hunted and why?

Randi. Though I put a lot of thought into creating each and every one of the characters in the series, Randi is by far my favorite. She’s your typical girl-next-door, she tends to question her actions over and over, she’s the girl who just tries to make herself happy.

5. How do you manage to write, have a job, be a mother, a wife and have a home?

I write any spare moments I have. I don’t have a set time and usually don’t write the same time every day. Sometimes it’s during naps, sometimes it’s late at night. It depends on when I can spare some time. That said, I am usually tired by the time my head hits the pillow. šŸ™‚

6. Do you see a Darkness Falls movie in the future because I could see this as a movie.

I guess for that one, only time will tell.

7. For a debut novel, I’m thoroughly impressed, how do you plan on following this up?

Darkness Falls: The Thirst will be continuing the series. I think as a follow up it should keep people interested.

As always keep the questions coming. I’ll answer them right here. Send them off to me at Happy reading!

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