Question time

1. Are you kidding me?? You just end it?? Like that! Do I really have to wait for the second book?

Haha…I’m getting this one a lot. Yes, I’m sorry you do unfortunately have to wait for the second book. BUT, I will post teasers at some point. I had to end it like that so I could make people want to read the second book. It seems as though I have done my job.

2. Xavier. Xavier. Where can I find one of those? How did you come up with such a perfect character?

I just thought about things that I like in a guy. Thought about things my friends like in men. I just began combining them from there. As far as looks go that was all in my imagination.

3. How much longer for the Kindle version?

Not too much longer. Should be within the next few weeks that it’ll be up and ready to download on Amazon.

4. Please tell me that you don’t kill off Xavier.

Sadly, I can’t tell anyone, anything about the following books. You’ll just have to read and find out what happens.

5. The twist at the end. Or should I say multiple twists at the end, they were amazing and I can’t wait to read more. How much longer?

As long as sales go well for DF: Hunted, I would think by the end of this year, but I also can not make promises since we’re just in the first month of sales.

6. When will book signings start?

Very soon. We’ve been in contact with many book stores and are hoping to get them set in stone by mid March.

7. I notice in the book you left so many open windows for things to happen in future installments, do you plan to use all the characters that have been in the first book?

I do. Many of the characters you met in DF: Hunted will return in DF: the Thirst. You’ll also meet some new faces and be taken to new places.

8. I heard a while back that in the second book, the main characters will be traveling elsewhere. Where will that be?

They’ll be heading into the Ohio area. I needed a few bigger cities and what better cities to use than ones I know well, such as Hamilton and Cincinnati, Ohio.

9. Just tell me now. Does the cat die?

I wish I could tell you, but sadly, I cannot.

10. You’re still doing your giveaway on your fan page, right?

Yes, I am. I’m just waiting until the number of fans grows a bit more so it’s a little more fair.

Remember if you have any questions, shoot them to my email. I’ll be more than happy to answer. Until then, happy reading!

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