Question time!

1. Why vampires?

I picked vampires as my focus because I’ve always been fascinated by them. Ever since I saw Bram Stoker’s Dracula when I was in 3rd grade (very young, I know) I’ve been in awe by vampires. When high school rolled around, I studied them. Learned the origin of vampires, saw that as times changed, so did vampires. So, when it came time to write the short story in English, I wanted to create my own breed of vampires. In the Darkness Falls series, I have done just that.

2. Do they sparkle?

Haha, I’ve been asked this a lot and I am very proud to say, no, they do not sparkle.

3. A while back you posted that your NaNoWriMo novel, What Lies Inside, may be out for purchase. Do things still look good for an independent release of that?

Things still look great. I’m looking over the proofs and making sure there are absolutely no errors. If all looks good this one will go to press.

4. You will do books signings soon, right?

Yes, soon as all the marketing materials have been taken care of and the press release has gone out, I sure will.

5. Are you working on the next in the Darkness Falls series yet?

Yes, I am. Darkness Falls: the Thirst, as it is now titled has taken a completely different turn. I’m excited that book II has been pouring out of me this week.

6. Do you have an agent or are you pretty much like Wonder Woman and run all your promoting?

I guess you could call me Wonder Woman, because I do not have an agent. I take care of things myself that the publisher hasn’t.

7. Is your book available internationally?

You can order via Amazon and they will ship internationally.

8. How do you write so quickly?

I wouldn’t say that I write quickly. I just tend to pen out each little idea at a time. I see my chapters run through my mind like a tv show. Sometimes I see chapter 11, for example, before chapter 3. If that happens, I just write out that scene and print it off. As I write, I print off certain parts that I later go back and read and review, piecing each part together the way I want it. As time goes by, my complete novel just unfolds.

Those are all the big questions I’ve got for now, but feel free to keep them coming 🙂 Happy reading!

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