Still working

Even with Darkness Falls: Hunted out for purchase, I’ve been working on book II, making sure it’s exactly how I want it. It also looks as though book II will be titled Darkness Falls: the Thirst. The title came to me as I was working on a chapter in book II and I feel as though the title is a better fit.

For those who are Goodreads users, you can find me as well as Darkness Falls: Hunted on the site. I’ve posted links on the Facebook fan page, but if you just enter my information into the search bar, it will find me.

For those that have been tracking progress on What Lies Inside, I’m currently working on making sure the second proof is error free. If it is, then I will take it to the next steps of the publication process and hopefully have it out for purchase soon.

Remember, if you purchased a copy of Darkness Falls: Hunted, let me know where you’re from! Until then, happy reading and enjoy the book!

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