I told you my mind doesn’t stop – Lorelei and Bryce

I don’t know what else to do. I run for another building ducking behind a corner. I lean up against the cold brick wall and take a few deep breaths. I can see the parking lot. It’s not that far away from me. It’s just getting there that’s the trick. I peek around the corner. I can see Cole still looking into the crowd of people that I managed to lose myself in. I can’t run. If I run he’ll know it’s me. I have to be calm. Be calm and walk. That’s it. I hug my books to my chest, look straight ahead at the parking lot and start walking. I’m afraid to look back. I’m scared that if I do he’ll see me.

“Lorelei!” I can hear my name coming from behind me.

I don’t look back. I can’t. I start sprinting. My car is at the far end. I have no choice. I turn, heading down another row of cars. I spot the biggest vehicle I can find. A huge Ford F-250. Just big enough for me to hide behind. I duck, pushing myself against the truck.

“Damn it, Lorelei!” I can hear him still yelling.

His voice sounds close. Too close for my comfort. I reach for the door handle and sneak inside. I pull it shut behind me and crouch down in the floor board. I take a few breaths.


I jump startled. I hadn’t realized someone was in the truck.


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