Question time!

I finally have a bit of time on my hands to answer the many questions that have been piling up in my email. Normally I don’t take this long and I do apologize. So, here we go.

1. Why do you write?

I have always had a love for writing. For as long as I could remember, my down time included just laying on my bed or the floor with paper and a pencil scribbling my thoughts. As I got older, it quickly turned into one of my greatest passions.

2. Where do you get your ideas?

My ideas come from so many different little things. Dreams for one. Sometimes, I don’t dream with myself as a character. And, I say character, because when I dream, they’re like little short movies in my head. Sometimes it’s a beginning, a middle or an end. Sometimes I get lucky and it’s the whole thing. My ideas have also come from seeing objects. Something as simple as a piece of jewelry. And, sometimes, people inspire me. Take my mom and dad for instance. They just inspired What Lies Inside. My mom has always been fond of antiques. My dad insists that they come with extras. Ghosts. I heard this and my wheels started turning. Boom. What Lies Inside was born.

3. Do all your novels have happy endings?

No. Because, sometimes things happen in life that we’re not always happy with. The same goes for my writing. Bad things happen. Aside from What Lies Inside and the Darkness Falls series, I try to be as realistic as possible.

4. If I send you some of my works, can you review them for me?

Unfortunately and I’m sorry to say, but no. There are certain people I will review things for, but for others, I simply can not. Reason being, I don’t want to be the center of a lawsuit should someone insist that I “stole” an idea from them. Big example, when J.K. Rowling was accused of Harry Potter not being her own work.

5. Why do you take so much time picking names? You seem so careful about it.

I am. I develop characters in my mind. These people, in my head, have a certain look, a personality, mannerisms, pet peeves. To me, they feel real. So when picking names, as I’m writing, sometimes they won’t fit that name. For example, in my newest, Crawling Back to You, my lady lead just wasn’t a Reagan. As much as I tried and as much as I love the name. She wasn’t a Reagan. When I tried Zoe later on, it fit her so perfectly.

6. I heard from someone who said in your Darkness Falls series it begins in Astoria, Oregon, but in your later books, it moves to Ohio?

Yes. It does. The main story begins in Oregon and in Book II of Randi’s series, she has to go Ohio. Unfortunately, I can’t give too much away other than what I already have.

7. How much longer? Your posts from your book have me antsy!

Not much longer now at all. Darkness Falls: Hunted will be ringing in the new year.

8. How do you write so quickly? You completely NaNoWriMo in just 20 days. How?

Once an idea strikes. I don’t stop. I’ve learned over the years to make that inner editor shut up and just keep writing.  I write, usually from start to finish. Then I go back and work on making sure spelling, grammar, everything is just right.

9. What do you look like? I’ve googled you and your book at least 20 times and come up with such random pictures. How do we know who is you.

The only place I really have pictures of myself is my own private Facebook page. But, here you are.


10. You mentioned that What Lies Inside was completed in 20 days for NaNoWriMo, will it be released anytime soon?

Maybe. It is an idea that I am pitching. I’ll make sure to post updates.

11. I’m dying. Would you be willing to post another clip of Darkness Falls: Hunted?

We shall see. With it so close to the release, I had thought about just waiting. But, since I have had more than 10 people ask, I may select a small clip.

12. Has you giveaway started?

Yes, the giveaway has started. I selected a handful of numbers and as people “like” the Facebook fan page, those numbers will show up. When someone is a number that I selected, they will be contacted and receive a signed copy.

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