My newest adventure, for NaNoWriMo

My eyes felt heavy as they fluttered open and were met with the bright lights of the bathroom. I groaned pushing hair from my eyes. It was all a dream. Just a dream. I sat myself up to compose myself. I brought a hand up feeling my hair, it was still damp, I hadn’t been out for long. I looked myself over for any bumps, bruises or cuts. As luck would have it, I was unscathed. I let out a groan as I pulled myself off the floor. No sooner than I was on my feet, I heard two voices arguing. One male and one female. I shook my head closing my eyes. It was all a dream. I told myself. Just a dream. I licked my lips. Ghosts aren’t real.

But, the voices came loud and clear from the hallway.

“I told you to let her finish her shower!” The female scolded.

“I had to get her attention somehow.” The male voice retorted.

Oh God. This is not happening.

I very slowly made my way to the door and the voices grew louder and clearer.

“Edward, you’ve always been a pervert for pretty girls.” The girl snapped. “The one girl we find who can help us and you’ve scared her out of her wits.”

I cracked the door open and peered around the corner. Sure enough, my ears were not playing tricks on me. There they stood. Clear as day. Edward and Vivian arguing.

“I am not a pervert, I’m the oldest and in charge.” He shot back to her.

“You might very well be the oldest,” Vivian said, “but you have the mentality of a fourteen year-old boy.” She laughed.

“Excuse me.” My voice cracked as I interrupted.

They both turned to face me. They smiled.

“Hello.” Vivian said.

Edward gave me a smile and a wink.

That was it. It was all I could take. I felt my body hit the floor once again.


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