Someone requested a repost of the series

Book I Darkness Falls: Hunted – From Randi’s point of view. The first book in the series. (Currently in the publishing process.)

Book II Darkness Falls: Bad Things – From Randi’s point of view. She sets off on a new adventure. Finding out something that causes her to make, what could be, the biggest mistake of her life.

Book III Darkness Falls: Secrets and Lies – Again from Randi’s point of view. She tries to patch up the mistakes in her life. But, another secret could stand in her way.

Book IV Darkness Falls: (Subtitle undetermined) – Xavier’s point of view. You really meet Xavier, get to know him as he tries to fix the biggest mistake of his life.

Book V Darkness Falls: (Subtitle undetermined) – Xavier’s point of view. Not only fighting for his own survival, but fighting for the protection of Randi. But, could it be, there’s something he hasn’t been completely truthful with?

Book VI Darkness Falls: (Subtitle undetermined) – Again from Xavier’s point of view. See the end of it all from Xavier’s eyes as he and Randi fight the biggest fight of them all.


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