Finishing touches…

We’re finally getting things together and getting the finishing touches on them. When I  first started te publishing process with Darkness Falls: Hunted, I was dead set on  specific art for the cover. Well, over these past few days, it seems as though that specific work of art has gone up in smoke for the cover. So I’ve been working on a concept for a new cover. For the longest time I was on a full moon setting. But lately as I’ve been diving into more and more concepts, a foggy, mysterious forest comes to mind as well. And, quite honestly, now I’m torn. This is where you come in…I need help deciding. I won’t reveal the ideas just yet…but I will ask this…

Full moon

Foggy forest


Dark forest

I know foggy and dark seem like the same, but trust me, the photos I have picked are completely different. Help a gal out again!


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