Darkness Falls, the movie?

I’ve been receiving more and more emails and even comments with questions that I thought I would take the time to answer.

The first and most asked is, will the Darkness Falls series become movies? First, I can only hope. I would honestly love to see the series light up the big screen. But, unfortunately now is just too early to say. To answer another question, if it did get the chance to become a movie series I would love to be apart of it anyway I can. Even with just the simple things. I have worked hard on this series (since my senior year of high school.) and with a milestone such as becoming a movie I would want to be involved as much as I can. As far as directors go, I do have a handful that I absolutely love their work. So, I’m not so sure if I could pick who I would want to direct the movies.

The many questions regarding Book II – I know so many have asked for more sneak peeks. But, I will wait until at least Book I has been on the shelf a while. I think it may be difficult to understand what’s happening in Book II without first reading through Book I.

I also know I’ve been asked for another small peek at Book I. I think I may be able to handle that. Just give me a bit and let me see what I can dig up for you. 🙂  Also with Book I we’re still looking at an end of the year release. Once I approve the final layout for the book and cover art, it’s off to print. I know, waiting is tough business!

Keep the questions coming!


4 responses to “Darkness Falls, the movie?

  1. I look forward to reading the first book in your series. I’ve been following since you started your blog. Any word on how quickly the second book will be out after the first one? Keep up the posts please!

  2. Danielle R (ur ohio buddy)

    girl if ur book hits the big movie screens i jus wanna say I WANNA PLAY A ROLE IN THE MOVIE lol love ya bunches!!!

  3. I have acting experience 🙂

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