You will either love it or hate it

This is a fact I came to realize a while back is that you will either love my writing or you will hate it. Not both. Not a mix of the two. One or the other. The books have received a lot of positive and wonderful feedback that I will be grateful for the rest of my life. 

The past few weeks I have received quite a few questions that I am hell-bent on answering right now.

Yes, I realize that the books are about vampires. Vampires. Something that has been a little over done lately. I understand that the Twilight series has seemingly destroyed the concept of vampires lately. I mean…vampires that sparkle? It’s just not right.

When I began my series I had no idea at the time that Twilight would be out. How could I have had any idea? I took an idea and ran with it. It is my goal to bring vampires back to what they were before. I created mine to be scary, because I wanted them that way. They most certainly do not sparkle, they are heinous and uncaring in my books. They are ruthless, blood-thirsty killers.

I’m not claiming to be Stephen King by any means. My writing is my own. I have not copied my ideas from any one. I only took vampires and made them what I think they should be. I mixed in different elements into my plot. A little love, dark secrets, horrible lies, huge mistakes. I think the Darkness Falls series can stand out a little. If anything, I will take great pleasure in the fact that my vampires are not glittery in the sun.

I hope this opens eyes a little more. I hope it makes the series sound like it’s going off the Twilight path, because it is. Until then, happy reading!

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