Deliciously Wicked…my new writing adventure

Before I can turn my crystal door knob – it opens for me. River is standing on the other side. River and I had been dating for 3 long years – when you’re 17, three years is eons – he and I had known each other since preschool. I guess it wasn’t too much of a surprise when he asked me out. We were barely 14. I was possibly the most nervous I had ever been in my life. I’d never been on a date before – then again, neither had River.

Can you imagine the site of two silent, awkward 14 year olds being chauffeured by a father? I was actually quite relieved by Ronnie’s (River’s father) vigilance in the rear view mirror. I was terrified of, as my mother put it, “he’d put his tongue in my mouth.” When you’re 14 that’s the grossest, most disturbing thing a guy could possibly do to you. What surprised me even more that night was when River walked me to my front door. Contrary to what my mother told me, he didn’t put his tongue in my mouth. (I now realize this was a complete joke, possibly to strike fear in me to never date.) Instead he gave me a light kiss on the lips and waited until I was safe and sound inside my house. The rest is quite history – River and I are inseparable; though due to my dreams the past few weeks there’s been a little more tension between us. Completely my fault, but it’s difficult when you’re dreaming of having sex with some man you don’t know and it’s not something you tell your boyfriend exactly.

And – here he is – as promised, chemistry and calculus books in hand. He gives his thick, black framed glasses a push down his nose to look at me. I smile. I used to always think the glasses were just a tad too nerdy – in a strange, sexy way. With his dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes I see they almost make him look like Rivers, the lead singer of the band Weezer. This is honestly quite fitting with his “Buddy Holly” style – right down to the dark jeans and spotless white tee shirts.

He tosses his books onto my bed; they slap together and sink into the thick comforter. He takes me in his arms – when my dreams began, I was a little too bitchy with him. Studying alone this weekend was my peace-offering to him – well, what I hope is a peace-offering. He buries his face in my neck; I feel his lips leaving the tenderest kisses along my collar-bone. I laugh. “Glad you made it.”

“Sounds like someone is in a much better mood.” His lips curl up and into a smile.

That was proof. I have been horrible these past few weeks. I feel badly about how I’d been acting. Bitchy, moody, irritable, it was like I was PMSing for two whole weeks. Poor River got the butt of my attitude. I watch as he uses a foot to kick my door shut and lock it behind us.

“River,” I giggle, playfully – as though I wasn’t fueling the fire in his pants or anything, “my mom is downstairs.”

He shrugged it off, playfully pushing me back and onto my bed. I suddenly feel a chill – déjà vu from my dream.

“Really,” I say, using my hands to tenderly push him back, “she’s right downstairs.” I giggle softly again. This is how River and I normally are; two completely love-sick, head-over-heels in love teenagers. I hate to admit it, but I do love teasing him – and my spurts of playful, soft giggles do just that.

He lays me back on my bed and chuckles, “Danine is fully aware of what we do.” He looms over me; pushing his sexy nerd glasses up – to rest just above his forehead – he looks down at me, giving me those bright silvery blue puppy dog eyes. He knows full well I can’t resist those for the life of me. I press my lips full on his, kissing him softly as my tongue flickers teasingly over his. (I never said the tongue in mouth kisses weren’t fun at 17.)

He groans into my mouth, “It feels like it’s been months.” I can barely understand a single word other than he’s trying to talk to me. I pull away slowly, questioning him.

“It feel like it’s been months,” he said, “since we’ve been this close.” He smiles, brushing my inky black hair from my eyes.

I laugh, “It’s been a few weeks at best.”

He looks at me as though I’m crazy, “Do you know how long that is in guy time?”

I shrug, “Do I really wanna know?”

He plants his lips on mine again. I loop my arms back around his neck. He always makes me tingle when he kisses me. My body shakes, my toes curl, and I get what feels like huge butterflies in the pit of my belly. I always tell myself that this is how love is supposed to feel.

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