Another idea?!

Yeah, you read right. I have yet another idea. My mind really never shuts off. This one came to me in a dream the other night and I’ve been plinking away at the computer trying to come up with as solid plot. Here’s what I have.


I hit my wife. She left me and filed for divorce. Now she’s with a man she says that she’s marrying. I have to stop her.


I let my husband hit me. I was scared, but I ran. I filed for divorce. Then I met Andy. He’s the man of my dreams. Mike still won’t sign the divorce papers. I have to marry him before Mike can find out.


When I met Norah, it was love at first sight. I would lay my life on the line for her.  But before I marry her, I have to protect her…from her ex husband.

One response to “Another idea?!

  1. Sounds really interesting. 😀

    Still think the ex should kill someone. But thats just me.

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