Well, here’s something different

I’ve never been able to focus on just one thing at a time. And, it applies to my writing as well. I love having lots to do and I enjoy keeping myself busy with things I love. Writing, of course, being at the top of my list. You would think the Darkness Falls series would be my number one priority. Well, it is important to me, but for the past few days I’ve been dipping my pen in other areas of writing.

For some reason I’ve decided to try my hand at a real romance. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the most romantic person on the face of the planet. And, I myself, struggle for romantic ideas for my own husband. But a few nights ago, I had this dream (yes, a dream.) about a young woman being in the worst relationship possible and too afraid to get out. As you can guess, there’s the handsome stranger that steps in to rescue her from her turmoil. But, I’ve decided to add a few twists and spills along the way. (Of course, you know I can’t tell you what those little twists are just yet.)

As if the Darkness Falls series and this new little romance isn’t enough to fill my mind, somewhere in the middle I came up with a completely different idea. One that I had played with a while ago, penned out a few pages and left it at that. Well, the creative juices must be flowing free and wild through my body because I managed to complete that one. (I do plan on going through and adding a few more details here and there though.) Again, this is something I’ve never tried writing before. Completely out of my age range, it focuses on a teenage girl, at 17 she and her mother are of a different sort. (I’m sure you know by now I won’t tell you what the different sort is by now.)

So many things running through my mind and so little time to get them all out. I do hope the creativity keeps flowing like it is. If lady luck is so kind to touch on my Darkness Falls series you may just keep hearing from me.

Until I write more, happy reading!


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